It is very important to give back to the community where we live. I have always made sure that I am doing something for the community where I live.

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AIESEC Sherbrooke

I am the team leader of the Marketing team. I am responsible for creation and implementation of marketing strategies, performance and management of the marketing team. I also carry the responsibility of achieving sustainable growth in customer servings and increasing of the brand awareness of AIESEC in Sherbrooke.
As a team leader, I am also responsible for the performance and development of my team members.


La Fabrique-Coop d'ateliers collectifs

La Fabrique is a solidarity cooperative that allows its members to make (almost) anything. The cooperative offers access to tools, from traditional to cutting edge technology, through its four collective workshops. Individual creative spaces allow artists, artisans and entrepreneurs to work at their ease, within the cooperative.
I was a volunteer at the reception. I took care of informing visitors and registering new members. I also carried out financial transactions. I was opening and closing the workshops.



I was a tutor in mathematics for unprivileged students in a township of Cape Town. I was trained by the NGO IkamvaYouth. Their mission is to enable disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty and into tertiary education or employment.

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L'atelier des griots

L’Atelier des Griots is an international studio that aims to help communities in their development and change efforts through the regeneration of public spaces. It is dedicated to the West African tradition of the griot, telling stories of the community through art, architecture, urbanism, photography, design, music and many other mediums. I was involved in the regeneration of the Youth Center of Akpakpa Dodomey Enangnon using eco-friendly materials that resonate with the neighbourhood.


Student Energy/ Infrarural/ Nomad Republic

At a Student Energy summit, I volunteered with InfraRural and Nomad Republic to teach a Mayan community to build clean cooking stoves that will avoid the women to inhale the smoke from the burning wood. In Mexico, around 4 000 women die a year simply because of that smoke.


Centre Culturel Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Cultural Centre is an educational and recreational centre built by MTN Foundation under the initiative of the Benin-Canadian NGO "ANAYI" in a disadvantaged region of Benin. It is equipped with a library with internet access. I volunteered there part-time by receiving and tagging books, and helping students in need.